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Videos of Le Web 3

For those of us who couldn’t attend the recent Le Web 3 conference in Paris, videos are up on

See this blog post: “Videos of LeWeb3’07 are up

Or check out the official channel:

Or, if you use Miro, add this channel:

Adam Greenfield is anti Social Networking

I only recently came across this post from Adam Greenfield in which he explains why he believes that computer-mediated social networking is inherently bad: “Antisocial networking.”

It’s an important and powerful critique, though one with which I ultimately disagree. Greenfield essentially argues that:

  1. Social networking applications must, necessarily, oversimplify human relationships: they couldn’t possibly represent the complex and dynamic nature of any graph connecting a pair of individuals, let alone the mesh of a whole community.
  2. As a result, they inevitably create emotional distress, anguish, and pain for users (and sometimes even for non-users)
  3. Therefore, we should not use them.

The problem, as Greenfield sees it, is that we’re allowing technical architectures to intrude upon the pre-technical, social space of human relationships. We’re allowing the web of human relationships as-modeled-by-software-systems to reduce, pollute, and corrupt the web of human relationship as modeled in the human psyche and history of culture.

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Is that a weave, or your natural hair?

Mozilla just (on 12/23, while I was off celebrating Lille julaften) launched another project on Mozilla Labs. This one’s called Weave, and it represents Mozilla’s entry into the data portability discussion.

(I’m sure they meant weave as in the “weaving the web” reference – but I can’t but help think about hair weaves, and the artificial extension of the browser beyond its natural domain – a little irony in the name itself? Not that there’s anything wrong with wearing a weave, mind you.)

News Coverage:

And the original announcement itself: Introducing Weave (Mozilla Labs).

In that announcement, Mozilla Labs argues that:

Web browsers like Firefox can and should do more to broker rich experiences while increasing user control over their data and personal information.

The initial release, which requires a Firefox 3b2pre or later build, lets the user synchronize browser history and bookmarks with data storage in the cloud.

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Another BlackJack Mystery: SMS messages in Europe

I’m often puzzled by aspects of my Windows Mobile device (a Cingular Blackjack / Samsung i607).

One is its occasional glimpses into the future (see here and here). Another is its refusal to expose my location to Google Maps.

One I haven’t ever figured out is the fact that whenever I travel in Europe (usually Switzerland and Germany) I get tons of SMS messages. They seem to be “Cell Broadcast” messages, meaning they aren’t sent directly to me but to everyone – but my phone seems to pick those CB messages out of the stream only while in Europe.

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Where am I? What day is it?

My Cingular Blackjack (Samsung i607) seems determined to keep me in the dark.

First, it never works with the Google Maps “My Location” feature. Here’s all I get:

Google Maps My Location

On top of that, I’m still getting the occasional moment where my cellphone decides it is the future.

This morning my phone briefly thought it was 2009:

Windows Mobile Future

Seems to be related to a cell tower somewhere in the vicinity of Chelsea / Everett – just North of the Tobin bridge.

Am I the only one seeing this?