The Future of WPBook

Pittsfield in the Near Future (from Cameo Wood on flickr, cc-by-nc license)

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the future of WPBook, and wanted to give a quick update. There are two key factors making me rethink the whole approach. The first is a change Facebook has made, requiring SSL certificates for “all Canvas and Page tab applications.” (They announced this change earlier this summer, […]

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Podcamp Boston 6


Made it in Saturday for the opening of Podcamp Boston 6. (After a few working weekends in a row, I couldn’t do two full days so I just came in for Saturday morning). While I was only able to catch three sessions, each would have been worth the trip on it’s own. All three were […]

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Future M on Higher Education


In support of our higher education practice, ISITE Design sponsored a panel at FutureM titled “Beyond the University Website: The Future of Digital Marketing in Higher Education.” Jeff Cram moderated, and participants included (from left to right in the photo): Perry Hewitt, Chief Digital Officer, Harvard (@perryhewitt) Gene Begin, Digital Marketing Director, Babson College (@gbegin) […]

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