Gilbane Boston: Content as Strategic Social Object

Gilbane Conference Boston

Although the Gilbane group has a different three Cs that I’m normally talking about (Content, Collaboration, and Customers rather than Content, Community, and Commerce) I’m looking forward to this year’s Gilbane Boston. I’ll be part of a panel in the “Colleagues and Collaboration” track, about Social Publishing: C5. Social Publishing: Strategic Content as Social Objects […]

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Is the Internet out of Ideas?

Photo by Alun Salt -

Last week Forrester Research published an update to their popular (and useful) Social Technographics report which showed that- depending on which pronouncements you read- seemed to indicate that online social activity had reached a plateau, or was even shrinking. Just a quick sample: PCWorld said: “This year, a smaller percentage of U.S. Internet users are […]

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