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Beyond Broadcast 2008, Fair Use Guide

As appropriate for a conference by that name, the folks at the Center for Public Media at American University have made available a ton of content from Beyond Broadcast available online.

Beyond Broadcast 2008

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Preparing for the Future(s) of the Internet

Lots of good quality discussion on the question of the Future (or Futures) of the Internet. There’s the upcoming conference to celebrate the 10th year of the founding of the Berkman Center, which is titled “The Future of the Internet.”

There’s Jonathan Zittrain‘s new book, The Future of the Internet — And How to Stop It. (In addition to buying a print copy, you can download the pdf version under creative commons license). Presenting on that book, there’s video of Zittrain at Princeton on March 26th, at ISOC-NY on April 11th, and at the Berkman Center the following week. You can also read and comment on the book.

Finally, via Biella Coleman I found this fascinating video from an event April 16th (between the above two videos), from a meeting of the NY Chapter of the Internet Society, talking about “The Futures of the Internet.” The discussion was sponsored by the NYU Information Law Institute, Free Culture @ NYU, and ISOC-NY. (Shirky’s presentation is on the same cognitive surplus theme from his web 2.0 expo keynote I recently blogged about).

The Futures of the Internet

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Fair Use in User Generated Content

The Center for Social Media at American University put out a report in January on the concept of “fair use” in user-generated content: “Recut, Reframe, Recycle: Quoting Copyrighted Material in User-Generated Video.

I bookmarked it at the time, downloaded a copy to my “to read” folder (a dangerous thing to have) and then ignored it for the last month or so. You should not do the same. This may be your only chance to explain away the hours you wasted watching dramatic chipmonk videos as “work-related.”

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A Few Good Channels

Now that Miro 1.0 is out, I thought I’d share a few excellent video “channels” I’ve been watching lately – TED Talks, Google Tech Talks and Google engEDU, Pop!Tech, and Ask a Ninja!. Between them all, they may just get you through the writer’s strike.

(To subscribe to any of these in Miro, you can just use the “Add Channel” command in the Channel Menu and put in the RSS url below. Be sure to look at whether you want to download ALL the videos in that feed or just NEW videos added.

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Webinar Presentation – Rich Internet Applications

A few weeks back, on Oct. 30th, my colleague Hugo Schotman and I presented an Optaros Webinar on Rich Internet Applications.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to record the audio of the whole presentation, but the slides themselves are now available on the Optaros site: “Rich Internet Applications: The What, Why, When, and How” (pdf, 3.37 MB).

It’s under a creative commons license.