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Web-Killer 2.0

Carl Howe’s “Microsoft’s Silverlight and Adobe’s Apollo: Web-Killer 2.0” argues that “these proprietary browser extensions break the utility of the World Wide Web in important ways”:

It’s a great beginning to a real debate about the place of technologies like Silverlight that many others have been fawning over.

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Achieving Vendor Lock-In Through Open Source

There seems to be a renewed interest from proprietary software vendors in the use open source to create vendor lock in.

This week, add Microsoft’s Silverlight 1.1 and Dynamic Languages Runtime to the mix alongside Adobe’s Flex SDK.

Jeff Gould argues that open source has “jumped the shark,” and that:

the magical words “open source” have come to function as the software equivalent of carbon offsets. . . . some software vendors are cleverer than others, and have learned to buy indulgences for their sinful profit-craving ways by selectively building open source components into their stack. . . . Their own software remains every bit as proprietary as the Microsoft products they compete with.

Interestingly, his argument comes the same day that Microsoft announces the Dynamic Language Runtime at MIX 07.

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Open Source Flex (MPL)

It’s worth taking a look at Ed Burnette’s take on this at ZDNet: “Adobe keeps Flash, Flex close to the vest.”

Although I am certainly happy to see Adobe moving in the direction of open source, it is good to more closely at the overall picture: what is being open sourced and what is not, which is exactly what Burnette does.

I guess it’s really just a question of “getting it” relative to others. The Flash player is still a closed platform, but at least it is available for Linux, unlike Silverlight.


Adobe seems increasingly to “get it” when it comes to enabling the modern web application environment, leveraging the strengths of the Flash player on all those dekstops, and allowing enough openness for creativity to flourish.

The latest example of which is the announcement this morning that they have open sourced the Flex SDK – compiler, libraries, and all. (Everything but the Eclipse-based IDE, which remains under a commercial license).

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Rich Internet Applications and Greek Mythology

Ever since I first starting hearing about Adobe Apollo, I had a feeling there was more to the name than was apparent.

Apollo or Apollo (Greek God) ?

Adobe wants you to believe that the name Apollo is a reference to the Apollo project, the series of NASA missions aimed at landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth, a goal set by JFK that’s the point of the Apollo icon, with it’s orbital circle.

But I’ve decided the codename “Apollo” (Kevin Lynch has said that there will be a real release name which is different) is a disguised swipe at Ajax.

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Creating Rich Internet Applications on Open Source

Should you build your RIA application in Flash or Ajax? On an open source technology or with a proprietary vendor?

At AjaxWorld this week, I was amazed at the number of solutions for creating Rich Internet Applications. On the Open Source front, the usual suspects (libraries, frameworks, languages and tools) were mentioned:
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