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Very excited to announce I’ll be giving the keynote talk at DrupalCampCT later this month (August 18th, 2012)!

I attended DrupalCampCT last year, but missed the deadline for submitting a talk. It will be held this year again in Luce Hall on the Yale campus in New Haven.

Last year’s keynote was John Zavocki, who was compelling and inspiring (and funny) and set a very high bar I hope I can live up to.

Hope to see you in New Haven in a few weeks.

Dries’ Keynote and the Assembled Web

At this morning’s DrupalCon Denver keynote, Dries mentioned the concept of the Assembled Web a number of times: how Drupal enables web applications to be assembled from component parts (both parts from within Drupal and parts from outside it).

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IxDA Interaction 08

Damn, wish I had been there. Interaction08, The first annual conference from IxDA, the Interaction Design Association, was held last weekend (Feb 08-10) in Savannah, at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

The videos from IxDA are being uploaded and will end up on the Interaction08 site, but for now you can preview them in this Brightcove Channel.

Here’s Alan Cooper’s Keynote video, titled “An Insurgency of Quality,” in which he argues we should focus on Best to Market, not First to market.

He makes a strong argument for the importance of “post-industrial craftsmen” in the software industry. (Though I actually liked my Archos Jukebox for many years, I can see that it wasn’t best-to-market, and it has ended up sitting on the shelf while I use the iPod instead).

I love his pointing out the artificial scarcity of time and money, and the way in which culture conflict is what leads to zero sum negotiation.