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Blogging on and off the corporate domain

Always delightful social media guru practitioner (and north shore Massachusetts neighbor) Chris Brogan has an excellent post on the overlap/conflict between personal brand and corporate brand: “The Big Risk for Corporate Trust Agents.” I started writing this as a comment on that post, but realized it was really a post in its own right.

Key question: What do you, dear reader, think about cross-posting to multiple blogs as a solution to the challenge of maintaining both a personal and a corporate presence?

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TripIt gets rail

Ok, so I’m a bit behind in reporting the news here – I see from my email that TripIt added rail back on November 1st. But it was one of my few gripes about tripit, so I felt it was worth noting.

From their email update:

We’ve also received feedback from many of you who rely on trains for travel, particularly our users in the Northeastern U.S. and in Europe. So now, you can click the new Add Rail option in your TripIt itinerary and add a train reservation. You can also forward rail bookings (made on Amtrak, Via Rail Canada, Eurostar, and in the UK Great Northeastern Railway and The Trainline) to and we’ll automatically add those rail bookings to your itinerary. If you use other train sites, please forward us those confirmation emails and we’ll work to add them in the future.

Haven’t had a chance to test anything other than Amtrak for now, but it you forward those “This is NOT a ticket” reservation emails sends to it does a pretty good job.

It got the time and stations right, picked up the reference # Amtrak uses, and got the traveller info right.

I was mildly disappointed it didn’t recognize Penn Station (NYP) as being in New York City, but that’s pretty easily corrected in the itinerary and I believe it would be picked up from any corresponding hotel reservation you send.