Flash Player development on Linux

Penguin.SWF is a new blog at Adobe which claims to track “development status and issues regarding the Linux version of Adobe’s Flash Player” (according to the masthead).

Mike Melanson, the blog’s author, says he “may” ask for input on issues.

I’m hoping that means development of a Flash player for Linux is actually occuring, to the point where it has issues on which input could be required.

So far, there’s only one post (the “origin story”) and 73 comments – I’m assuming that ratio will even out over time.

BarCamp Boston

BarCampBoston is coming up this weekend (June 3-4th). It’ll be held at the Moster campus in Maynard MA. Download the Poster, print it, and plaster your cube walls with it.
I’ve decided to use the occasion to force myself to stop playing with the design of Open Parenthesis and start blogging.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I won’t keep tweaking the design and fixing layout issues – but I’ll start focusing on the content more than the look.