WPBook: WordPress Facebook Plugin

WordPress rocks. Here’s a plugin for bringing your WordPress blog posts into Facebook, and enabling users to comment and share those posts.


Note: I’ve disabled comments and pings on this page – instead, please comment on the blog post specific to each version release. This will help separate issues with older versions from issue with the latest release.

I’ve also added this page: Using WPBook? where people can add their WPBook powered blog addresses.

I am no longer updating this page with new releases. See the WPBook site or the plugin page at WordPress.org for up to date info

Update: 8/16/10: Once More with Feeling: WPBook 2.0.3

Update: 8/15/10: WPBook 2.0.2: Tabs, Stream Publishing, Comment Imports

Update: 7/11/10: WPBook 2.0.1: Beta Testers Still Needed

Update 7/7/10: Beta Testers Needed for WPBook (WPBook 2.0.0)

Update: 6/26/10: WPBook 1.5.7 release

Update: 6/24/10: WPBook 1.5.6 release

Update: 4/30/10: WPBook 1.5.5 release

Update: 4/5/10: WPBook 1.5.4 released

Update: 3/28/10: Sunday Coding – ReTweeter, WPBook (WPBook 1.5.3)

Update: 3/15/10: WPBook 1.5.2 released

Update: 3/7/10: WPBook 1.5 released

Update: 1/4/10: WPBook 1.4 released (followed by 1.4.1 the following day for a minor bug fix)

Update: 3/27/09: WPBook 1.3.1 released (bug fix release)

Update: 3/22/09: WPBook 1.3 released

Update: 2/14/09: WPBook 1.2 Released

Updated: 2/9/09: WPBook 1.1 Released.

Updated: 1/19/09: WPBook Goes 1.0.

Updated: 1/17/09: WPBook 0.9.7 released. Now includes “Share this post” button.

Updated: 1/14/09:

Note that if you are having trouble getting the application to show up in profile boxes on pages, try copying the “default FBML” provided in the WordPress settings page for the plugin and adding it to the User Profiles tab of the Facebook application setttings as well as the Pages tab. Not sure why it is required in both, but that is what seems to work.

(Related: Blog post covering 0.9.3, 0.9.2, 0.9.1)

Updated: 1/13/09

Updated: Now has an option to require or not require email from your comment authors within Facebook. Also tested now with WordPress 2.7.

This plugin enables you to pull recent blog posts from your blog in to facebook, and allow facebook users to enter comments. Their comments show up on your blog whether accessed directly or through facebook, and regular blog comments will show up in facebook as well.

Also enables users to invite their friends to your application, provided you enable the appropriate setting inside WordPress admin.

You can see this plugin in action (on Facebook) at OpenParenthesis – a facebook version of this blog’s most recent posts.

Download WPBook from the WordPress plugin directory.