An August of Camps in New England

Looks like August is shaping up to be [*]Camp month for the Northeast:

September is not looking to a quiet month either:

So much for taking the late summer easy . . .

In the fall, New England Drupal Camp (NEWD Camp) will be November 1st also in Providence, RI.

What can the WordPress community learn from the State of Drupal?

This week, the Drupal community gathered in Austin for DrupalCon 2014, including the annual “State of Drupal” address from Dries Buytaert. It’s the first North American Drupalcon I’ve missed since Boston in 2008, though thankfully all the presentations at DrupalCon are recorded and made available online. Embedded below are the video and slides for Dries’ State of Drupal address. While I know most folks in the Drupal community will have already watched it, I’d suggest there’s good value in watching it from the perspective of the WordPress community as well.



State of Drupal keynote, DrupalCon Austin from Dries Buytaert

What can the WordPress community learn from the talk?

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Home Office Ikea Hack

Now that I’m working from home, it was time to upgrade the home office. (It’s also well past time to start writing on my own blogs again, but let’s not dwell on that).

The space in my home office was a bit challenging. There are baseboards for heat along two of the four walls, and on the other two there’s not quite enough space for many larger corner desks, but the smaller corner desks looked too small. We explored having a custom built-in put together, but ultimately got inspired by Ikea Hackers to come up with our own solution.

It was fairly simple, as Ikea Hacks go:

Hemnes desk minus one pedestal, plus Hemnes sofa table,  plus glass top.
Hemnes desk minus one pedestal, plus Hemnes sofa table, plus glass top.

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The Web We Lost

I remember being vaguely aware late last year/early this year about a series of posts Anil Dash had done on the open web, but I didn’t honestly pay them much attention at the time. (See The Web We Lost, Rebuilding the Web We Lost, and Captive Atria and Living in Public). Then I saw he was speaking at the Berkman Center, and though I still couldn’t actually attend, I was able to grab the video, which sat around in my “to watch later” folder for a few months.

I finally watched it this weekend, and it is well worth your time. It’s over an hour, so you may want to download it from the Berkman archive and watch it on a larger screen, or hit full screen and lean back:

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GitHub on Licensing

Via Simon Phipps comes news that Github has taken some steps to address the “post open source” issue first labelled by James Monk (@monkchips) in this tweet:

The problem, of course, is that if you commit to Github without specifying a license, what this really means is that you get “all rights reserved.” People forking your code and working with it, or using it in their projects, are opening themselves up to legal risk.

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