CMS Expo: WordPress and Structured Content, Non-Profits

Just a quick post on my talks from CMS Expo last week.

The first is on WordPress and structured content – how custom post types, taxonomies, and metadata can be used to make WordPress more amenable to structured content.

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Mythbuster May

Quick google hangout with fellow Mythbusters to talk about upcoming events in May

I’ll be speaking at CMS Expo and then at DrupalCon/Webvisions.

WordPress talks at CMS Expo

Last year I spoke at CMS Expo in Chicago about Busting Web Experience Management Myths. But while covering the event for the CMS Myth, I noticed that WordPress was visibly absent from the Showcase.

In part this led me to give a talk at WordCamp Boston on Why the @##!@ isn’t WordPress a CMS?.

This year, the fine folks at CMS Expo have added WordPress to the CMS Showcase, and will have a full track of WordPress-related talks.

The WordPress track includes:
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Western Mass DrupalCamp

With the arrival of the new year, it’s time again for DrupalCamp Western MA.


This year it will be held January 19th, with (I believe – doesn’t say on the site anymore) the 26th as a potential if it gets snowed out.

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YouTube Downloader and Feed Parser

So I decided to spend a bit of time over the holidays scratching an itch and writing some PHP code. The result is a new open source project: YouTube Downloader.

Its main purpose, for me, was to enable me to subscribe to a user’s YouTube videos as a podcast, and have the episodes downloaded in Downcast on my iPad. In the process though I also found it useful to make it usable as a form-based script, where you input a video’s ID and get a list of the available formats for download. So, the project does both.

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