IndieWebCamp, BarCampBoston 9

One of the joys of being “an internet person” in the greater Boston area is that there is always more going on than you could possibly actually participate in.

Case in point this very weekend is both IndieWebCamp Cambridge and BarCampBoston 9.

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Weekend Coding

Took advantage of a rare non-travel, non-camp weekend (other than BarCamp Boston 9 planning session) to clean up WPBook and WPBook Lite.

Facebook has changed the way the API is versioned, and new apps made in Facebook are no longer able to call the v1 of the API, use FQL, or other things I was depending on.

So, I’m releasing today new versions of both.

For WPBook Lite, which is the one you have to use if your blog is not accessible via HTTPS, the new version will be 1.6.1.

For WPBook, which enables the Facebook Canvas page in addition to the features of WPBook, the new version will be 2.7

I’ve also tested both with WordPress 4.0 and added plugin icons that WordPress now supports.

As always, please use the support forums for support issues, not comments threads here. Thanks.

August WordCamp Talks

Trying out SEO Slides (disclaimer – 10up is an investor in SEO Slides) to embed slide decks here from rather than from Slideshare or speakerdeck.

First WordCamp New York, a talk on Modernism Post-Modernism, and Responsive Web Design:

“These fragments I have shored against my ruins”: Modernism, Post-Modernism, and Responsive Web Design from 10up

Then, from earlier this morning at WordCamp Maine, a talk on Delivering the News on WordPress with Matt Fulton from MaineToday Media:

delivering-the-news-on-wordpress from 10up

Finally, my keynote from WordCamp Maine after lunch, on the power of free software and community:

building-communities-building-software from 10up

An August of Camps in New England

Looks like August is shaping up to be [*]Camp month for the Northeast:

September is not looking to a quiet month either:

So much for taking the late summer easy . . .

In the fall, New England Drupal Camp (NEWD Camp) will be November 1st also in Providence, RI.

What can the WordPress community learn from the State of Drupal?

This week, the Drupal community gathered in Austin for DrupalCon 2014, including the annual “State of Drupal” address from Dries Buytaert. It’s the first North American Drupalcon I’ve missed since Boston in 2008, though thankfully all the presentations at DrupalCon are recorded and made available online. Embedded below are the video and slides for Dries’ State of Drupal address. While I know most folks in the Drupal community will have already watched it, I’d suggest there’s good value in watching it from the perspective of the WordPress community as well.



State of Drupal keynote, DrupalCon Austin from Dries Buytaert

What can the WordPress community learn from the talk?

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