The Problem with Time on Site

Mall of America (Photo by jpellgen, cc-by-nc-nd license,

In a previous post (Metaphors That Mislead Us: User, Audience, Visitor, Shopper?), I discussed the way in which the terms we use to describe the people who interact with our web-based applications can shape our thinking, encouraging some approaches and limiting or making others highly unlikely. Another way in which the language we use to […]

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Metaphors That Mislead Us: User, Audience, Visitor, Shopper?

"I Am" photo by Allison Felus, cc-by (

The metaphors we use to describe digital technology end up misleading us. We attempt to understand new technologies by bringing the context of previous experiences and hoping to find relevant analogies, but those analogies often carry other unintended meanings and can obscure possibilities. For example, we think of the urls our browsers request as: Sites […]

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eTail humor


I’m a big fan of Criggo, a blog that runs bad headlines, editor’s mistakes, and other humorous ephemera from newspapers. Today I found this entry from a few days ago, appropriate since I’m at eTail West: Is it really so simple? No need for community and content, no need for exclusivity or behavioral psychology, no […]

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