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WordPress Editorial Calendar

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(Via Chris Brogan)
Editorial Calendar is an excellent new plugin for WordPress which shows your blog posts (already published as well as scheduled for future publishing) in a calendar view and lets you drag posts around to different days. Simple, clean, and just works (at least on the two 3.0.1 WordPress blogs I’ve tried it on – haven’t dealt with multiple authors, etc yet).

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Publishing in the Age of the Assembled Web

The spring of 2009 has been a difficult one for publishers – newspapers especially – in the U.S., with many sizable metropolitan papers moving to online only, closing, or facing the possibility of closing. It’s lead many to wonder (again) what the future holds for publishers – whose value has arguably been derived from information scarcity – in the age of information ubiquity.

What should newspaper publishers, and other content-centered businesses, do? How should publishing evolve to accommodate the tremendous shift in publishing power represented by the fact that every internet user has a technical capability to create and distribute content never before seen? How should they adapt to the assembled web, in which users expect to interact with content in contexts they choose, rather than in contexts publishers control?

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