Real Curation Requires Effort, Point of View

Curator's Hand, by Marinmuseum, cc-by-nd,

Many of today’s popular deal-a-day sites claim to be creating “curated” experiences for their audiences. Many social media publishers focus on “curating” the stream of blog posts, tweets, and other content objects on specific topics. But what does that curation really mean? What’s the point of view behind the curator’s decisions about what to include […]

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Gilbane Boston: Content as Strategic Social Object

Gilbane Conference Boston

Although the Gilbane group has a different three Cs that I’m normally talking about (Content, Collaboration, and Customers rather than Content, Community, and Commerce) I’m looking forward to this year’s Gilbane Boston. I’ll be part of a panel in the “Colleagues and Collaboration” track, about Social Publishing: C5. Social Publishing: Strategic Content as Social Objects […]

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Save Paste and the future of publishing?

I’m a big fan and subscriber of Paste, an independent U.S.-based monthly (now shifting closer to bi-monthly, with every other issue being a single-topic special edition) magazine focused on music, film, and books, with a passionate spirit. Currently, however, they are running a Campaign to Save Paste, soliciting donations to offset operating losses. What does […]

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The New Times Reader: User Interface versus Community

While I wouldn’t go so far as Serge Jaspers and call the new Times Reader 2.0 AIR application “the future of newspapers,” I do think it’s an interesting demonstration of how different models for content consumption are possible in the assembled web. In short, Times Reader makes the bet that for at least some users, […]

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