Facebook Graph API – Post Versus Link

Difficult Choices. (Photo by Beppie K, cc-by-nc-sa license)

Over in the WordPress Support forums for WPBook, WPBook user TheCitizen was asking about the absence of “share” links on Wall Excerpts posted via WPBook. I responded that in my experience posts made via the API (by an App, rather than by the user directly) don’t get “share” links inside Facebook. He pointed to Facebook […]

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WPBook 1.1.1 Released

(Update 2/10/09 – posted a quick bug fix 1.1.1 version just now – fixed two quick bugs in the facebook resizing code. Note that 1.1.1 may not show up in your autoupdate queue inside WordPress for 24 hours as WordPress doesn’t check every time you load the page) Tagged and released version 1.1 of WPBook […]

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Are Flash and Flex Web Technologies?

Throughout this week and part of last, I’ve been working (in between meetings) on getting Alfresco Labs 3.0 set up on my laptop to be able to demo (and experiment with) their new Share application. The challenge has been in getting the flash-based preview of uploaded multi-page PDF documents working (see this thread in the […]

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