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Facebook Graph API – Post Versus Link

Difficult Choices. (Photo by Beppie K, cc-by-nc-sa license)

Over in the WordPress Support forums for WPBook, WPBook user TheCitizen was asking about the absence of “share” links on Wall Excerpts posted via WPBook. I responded that in my experience posts made via the API (by an App, rather than by the user directly) don’t get “share” links inside Facebook.

He pointed to Facebook Page Publish, a WordPress plugin which also cross-posts to Facebook (though it does not import comments). Posts made via this plugin do get a share link.

Digging in a bit, I realized that Facebook Page Publish uses the Link object in the Facebook Graph API, whereas WPBook and WPBook Lite both use a Post object.

What’s the difference? That’s what I’m trying to determine now.

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WPBook 1.1.1 Released

(Update 2/10/09 – posted a quick bug fix 1.1.1 version just now – fixed two quick bugs in the facebook resizing code. Note that 1.1.1 may not show up in your autoupdate queue inside WordPress for 24 hours as WordPress doesn’t check every time you load the page)

Tagged and released version 1.1 of WPBook earlier today – get it from the wordpress plugin directory or this blog.

New in 1.1 (more info in the README with the plugin):

(Thanks to Brandon for all of the new settings).

Also I believe I’ve got the profile.setFBML working – meaning users no longer have to copy default FBML anywhere. At least it works in my two test blogs – let me know if it works for you.

I’ve also included better (I think) documentation, including screenshots of Facebook admin screens, to try to demonstrate the process of setting up an application.

If you’re using WPBook, please visit this page and add your blog in the comments.

Remaining open issues:


WPBook 0.9.7: Share Posts, Ease of Installation, Add to pages

I’ve just released version 0.9.7 of WPBook (a WordPress plugin to bring blog posts into Facebook and enable comments from Facebook users) here and at the WordPress site.

A few changes since 0.9.3, the last version I blogged about (the most recent version can always be found on this page or at the WordPress site):

Share Button. This version adds a Facebook style “Share this post” button next to each blog post in Facebook, which allows the user to send the posts to Facebook friends or post and individual blog entry to their profile.

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Are Flash and Flex Web Technologies?

Throughout this week and part of last, I’ve been working (in between meetings) on getting Alfresco Labs 3.0 set up on my laptop to be able to demo (and experiment with) their new Share application. The challenge has been in getting the flash-based preview of uploaded multi-page PDF documents working (see this thread in the Alfresco forums for some of the details).

The way the feature should work is that the Alfresco Share application takes the PDF a user uploads into the document library, converts it to an SWF using swftools (one frame of the SWF per each page of the PDF), and then uses the YUI framework to “play” the resulting SWF.

The problem is that for me, depending on the version of Flash installed, the preview SWF cannot be displayed. (Short version: Flash 9.0.45-47 works fine, later Flash versions just result in a spinning cursor which never resolves. The problem is Flash 9.0.45 breaks file upload, which works in later Flash versions).

Good Flash

Good Flash

Bad Flash

Bad Flash

Just finding this out required a lengthy exercise including full uninstalls of Flash (using Flash uninstaller for Mac OS X, which takes forever since it is a PowerPC binary running on an Intel machine) along with installs of various versions of Flash from the 9.x archive.

It was in this context that I was so happy to see the dialogue Dion Almaer and Brad Neuberg posted at Ajaxian today: How Flash Can Join The Open Web.

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