WPBook 1.1.1 Released

(Update 2/10/09 – posted a quick bug fix 1.1.1 version just now – fixed two quick bugs in the facebook resizing code. Note that 1.1.1 may not show up in your autoupdate queue inside WordPress for 24 hours as WordPress doesn’t check every time you load the page)

Tagged and released version 1.1 of WPBook earlier today – get it from the wordpress plugin directory or this blog.

New in 1.1 (more info in the README with the plugin):

  • Option to show “view post on www.blogurl.com” links associated with each post – shows the blog post in its original context
  • Option to move the “share” link and “view original” link to the top or bottom of posts
  • Option to show/hide the “add to profile” button

(Thanks to Brandon for all of the new settings).

Also I believe I’ve got the profile.setFBML working – meaning users no longer have to copy default FBML anywhere. At least it works in my two test blogs – let me know if it works for you.

I’ve also included better (I think) documentation, including screenshots of Facebook admin screens, to try to demonstrate the process of setting up an application.

If you’re using WPBook, please visit this page and add your blog in the comments.

Remaining open issues:

  • Sociable.es Facebook Connect plugin conflicts. You’ll have to update the facebook client provided with the Connect plugin as described here
  • Custom home pages – if your WordPress blog has a homepage that is not the default list of recent posts, I don’t know if this version will work for you – sorry, it is on my list to address but the theme currently assumes a default home page setup
  • Javascript/CSS plugin conflicts – if your other plugins use css or javascript to set the height of the body or html elements to 100%, this will interfere with Facebook’s own iframe sizing javascript.



  1. Help.

    Everything was working GREAT. then I changed something and no longer does the canvas load up with posts from my blog. I just get a blank canvas.

    I am sure this is something you have seen. What is the correction???

    Thanks a billion for an awesome plugin. BTW I figure out how to place the BOX on my front page. Looks Awesome.

  2. @bryan What’s the url of your facebook app?

    What did you change?

    Usually this is a result of putting the wrong info in for the callback url in the facebook settings – but it could be caused by many different things.

    With the blank canvas up in Firefox, right-click inside the blank and choose “Frame -> Open Frame in New Tab.” That will tell you what Facebook is trying to use as your callback url, and may let you see what error is being generated.

  3. Also, I have no clue what I changed. I did upgrade to v 1.1 THough I had this error prior to the upgrade.

    The only thing I recall changing was some info settings

  4. @Bryan I don’t really know what you might have changed either.

    Just hitting this page: http://www.simplykristal.org/blog/?fb_sig_in_iframe

    should result in seeing the facebook version of the blog. Do you have access to the php error log for the server?

    I can only imagine either a settings problem (in Facebook settings or in WPBook settings in WordPress) or a plugin conflict – did you enable any new plugins recently?

  5. Just noticed your permalinks are set to ?p=858 style.

    Can you use one of the other styles of permalink?

    Not sure that the querystring style permalinks work with WPBook – anyone else using them that way?

  6. Figured it oout by accident. My Minifeed wasn’t updating so I was hunting to solve that issue. Realized the plugin wordbook by Ferdinand Development was conflicting.

    However wordbook by Robert Tsai. works fine w/o conflicts.

    Now if your plugin would do the job of updating my mini-feed, I could trash the others. LOL.

  7. @Bryan

    We are working on adding mini-feed functionality into wpbook. I didn’t know that these two plugins were out there I may have to take a look at them and see if the license allows integration into our plugin.

  8. Hi. I have been trying to get your plugin to work for me without success. I pretty certain I have followed direction properly, but after adding the app to my profile, it never updates with information. The actual app page is propagated with content (http://apps.facebook.com/drugfreecoalition/).

    Can you give me any direction? At one point I turned off all plugins to see if there was a conflict there. No help.

    Thank you for your time and efforts.

  9. @jonathan – looks to me like you’ve got a custom home page going, which continues to be a problem for WpBook.

    WPBook assumes that it can find the recent posts file at: <root url of wp install>/wp-content/plugins/wpbook/theme/recent_posts.php

    But the root of your install would seem to be:

    But that isn’t your site home page. I’m not sure where the code is going wrong in this assumption, but it does seem to be a consistent problem with the site install root doesn’t match what the home page is.

    In short, I’m not sure WPBook is going to work for your configuration in its current version.

    WPBook assumes that the site root is the home page – but that isn’t how you have it set up.

  10. @Brandon

    Thanks for the heads up Brandon. If the licensing does allow integration, it would be doubly awesome if the minifeed link supplied would be customizable to point it to the http://www.apps.facebook.com page….. url vs the original blog URL.

    That way we drive traffic inside Facebook to retain the people who would otherwise be annoyed by being taken out of facebook to read my content. As it stands you do offer the ability to click through on the canvas page to the ORIGINAL blog url should they desire to do so.

  11. @bryan – looks like they’re loading fine to me at the moment – did you change something back?

    When you say they “stopped loading” do you mean in Facebook, or in WordPress?

  12. @John

    I changed the permalinks back to the standard ?xxx format, so the pages are loading again.

    And they stopped loading in the Facebook Canvas.

    I was using the /date/name/ link format

  13. @Bryan the /date/name/link format should actually be better – any change there was an .htaccess issue with mod-rewrite?

    I use this kind of permalink all the time – we’ve actually had more reports of difficulty with the ?xxx format, which is why I was suprised.

    The home page stopped loading? The old permalinks obviously would be invalid.

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