RIP Ma.gnolia – Back to Delicious

For those of you who’ve been blissfully unaware, the social bookmarking service ma.gnolia imploded late last month.

Japanese Magnolias Before and After Freezing - photo by Readerwalker
Japanese Magnolias Before and After Freezing - photo by Readerwalker

Although the CEO hints that it may someday return in the future:

Ma.gnolia was approaching the third anniversary of its public launch; for me, it was the project and people to which I’d devoted most of my time, energy, and love for nearly four years. It’s still a little too soon to give word about the return of Ma.gnolia the service and the future of the M2 project, but I will keep this site and our Twitter account updated as those decisions are made.

I’ve reverted back to my old delicious account. Thanks to the web cache recovery tool, I don’t think I even lost any bookmarks in the process, though it is hard to be certain.

Here’s my delicious info:

I’ve also unhooked magnolia and hooked up delicious to feedburner, so feed subscribers should continue to get a digest of new links – apologies in advance if anything goes awry with that plan.


  1. Good question. The main things I liked about ma.gnolia were OpenID support and thumbnails.

    Seems like Delicious still doesn’t support OpenID, but that’s not a huge deal.

    With Ma.gnolia and Feedburner, I could add a daily or weekly digest of my bookmarks and it would include thumbnails. Does Ma.gnolia support that now?

    I’m still using feedburner, but not seeing thumbnails – do you know if it’s possible to do that?

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