BarCamp Boston 3 Presentation (WordPress to Facebook and Back)

I presented yesterday at BarCamp Boston 3 on the topic of WPBook, the WordPress plugin for pulling blog posts into Facebook and letting people comment on them with their Facebook identities.

Here’s the presentation file: WordPress to Facebook and Back (Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license)

As always, you can get the latest code here, or see it in action on Facebook.

I found it was very difficult to do a 30 minute presentation here – 45 would have been better, and an hour would have been perfect. I should have spent more time focused on three key aspects: the core WordPress plugin API, the Facebook API, and the bigger picture of how they relate to each other.

That way I could have shown, for example, the WordPress loop and how that works, and some of the Facebook PHP client, and how a user’s request goes through Facebook to your WordPress blog and back to their browser.

I’ll try to set a bit more context in my Twitter talk later today, though 30 minutes will be a challenge there as well.