BarCamp Boston 3

Shimon Rura’s email today reminded me that BarCamp Boston is fast approaching again. Third week in May we should easily avoid the snowstorm which put something of a crimp in BarCamp Boston 2.

BarCamp Boston 3

In case you’ve been somehow able to escape the increasing presence of *camps, BarCamp is one of the earliest and one of the best. It was on the occasion of BarCamp Boston (the original) that I started blogging, though to be fair you shouldn’t hold them responsible for that.

Here’s an hCalendar microformat of the event info:

May 17th 08am, 5pm 2008 – BarCamp Boston 3– at Matignon High School, 1 Matignon Road, Cambridge,
MA 02140 U.S.A.

BarCamp is an unConference, organized on the fly by attendees, for attendees.

There is no registration fee, but you don’t just attend a BarCamp — you can participate in discussions, demo your projects, or join into another cooperative event.

Topics may include, but are not limited to: open source software, startups, UI design, entrepreneurship, AJAX, hardware hacking, robotics, mobile computing, bioinformatics, RSS, Social Software, programming languages, and the future of technology.

Read more about BarCamp, view schedules, and learn how you can participate, by visiting the wiki at

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