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Last Update: Decided to abandond Flickrfy_cats as it seemed like filters weren’t being applied to calls to list_cats() or wp_list_cats() anymore. Instead I’m using a wigetized version of the Category Tagging plugin. (Making it into a widget just for placement in the appropriate sidebar but otherwise leaving the call to cattag_tagcloud(); pretty much alone).


Updated Again: Thanks to the Linkblock widget and a bit of light reading in the WordPress Codex (to change a function call from wp_get_links() to get_links()) I am back up and running, with blog links in the sidebar. Now to get back to Erik’s flickrfy_cats plugin, which is also broken.


Updated: Turns out it is the Links widget I was using in the left sidebar to display a blogroll of blogs by other Optaros folks. So, back to my real layout, but without those links until I get it rewritten to account for the changes in 2.1. (Now the categories of links are in the same table as categories of posts?)


If you read Open Parenthesis by coming to the site, rather than in an RSS reader, you may have noticed it just reverted to the default theme.

I just upgraded to 2.1, and apparently my theme’s customizations aren’t playing well with some of the changes between 2.0.7 and 2.1 of WordPress.

I will reset it to the theme y’all are used to as soon as I can.


  1. Hey John,

    I just updated to WordPress 2.1 over the weekend, and flickrfy_cats is broken for me too. I’ll have to go in poke around to see what’s changed.


  2. It seemed to me, without doing too much digging inside the WordPress code itself, that the filter was no longer being added to list_cats();.

    list_cats() and wp_list_cats() are deprecated in 2.1, replaced by wp_list_categories().

    It says they should still function, but it seems like in the process the “filter” is not being added when those calls are made.

    I didn’t take the step of turning on some of the debug stuff in your plugin and seeing what it shows – maybe it is just the format of the content returned that has changed.

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