Updated WordPress Facebook Plugin

(As of 8/20 – updated again, to 0.7.5).

WPBook, the WordPress for Facebook plugin which Dave Lester and others at Scholarpress originally created and which I’ve contributed some to, has been updated again.

Version 0.7.4, which I just tagged in subversion (so it should be showing up in the WordPress plugins directory by the time I post this) includes the following:

  • Works with WordPress installs in subdirectories, using ABSPATH to ensure the right includes get called
  • Fixed for the “new Facebook” javascript but remains compatible with “old Facebook” javascript as well (as described here)
  • Removed hard coded reference to MyAvatarsNew(); and downgraded to WordPress standard avatars
  • Fixed the (previously hard coded) offset for permalinks to be dynamic based on blog’s home url

All in all, this should be a much more stable version for most folks.

Note: If you use the “upgrade automatically” feature in WordPress, you must remember to copy the wp-facebook folder from /wp-content/plugins/wpbook/ to /wp-content/themes/ – it must reside at /wp-content/themes/wp-facebook in order for the plugin to work correctly.

You can get the new version from my plugin page or from the WordPress plugin directory.

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  1. Just testing to see how this works. If it works well enough that I see this on your site, I’m gonna have to download it, because that would be SICK!.

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