WP-Book progress

[Update: Minor bugs and tweaking to do – might want to hold off on download for now]

Made some progress on wp-book over the weekend; should be able to release an update this week. (I will post updated code on this site as well as upload to the wp-plugins directory). (If you don’t know what I’m talking about see this earlier blog post).

Still sometimes see an error in Internet Explorer at this point – seems to be a timing error with respect to the “resize to content” for the iFrame. I thought about moving the Facebook application back into FBML (Facebook markup language), but then I would lose the ability to have objects, embeds, and other things inside the iFrame.

If you’re reading this somewhere other than Facebook, and you are a Facebook user, please go check out http://apps.facebook.com/openparenthesis/ and leave a comment.

If you’re reading this *in facebook* please also leave a comment, and tell me what operating system / browser / version you’re using.

When you submit your comment, you will be redirected back to the application landing page – sometimes people get errors there as well, though in essence it is the same url on which they started.


  1. Looks great John! I’m going to post on the scholarpress-dev list about this, and link to your post. BTW – I’m writing this comment in the Facebook canvas.

  2. i am having a problem with the comments coming from facebook posting to the wp site. The form comes up and you hit submit but then it goes to a blank page and hangs there. any ideas?

  3. @matt – what’s the URL of your fb app?

    What version of WPBook?

    If you upgraded from an earlier version, did you update the theme folder ?

  4. @matt – I think I’ve got the Facebook comments bug fixed – will be releasing a 0.9.3 today – be sure to update the wp-facebook theme directory when you update.

    @ari – this update to 0.9.3 should also fix your issues with comments

    @all – I will do a new post when I tag and release 0.9.3

  5. hey john,

    Thanks for the fix with the comment submission. i have just one more little problem that maybe you could help me with. when the application is added to a tab in the profile, it gives this error:

    Errors while loading page from application
    Parse errors:

    FBML Error (line 4): illegal tag “body” under “fb:tab-position”

    i am running WPBook 0.9.4 and WordPress 2.7. i did remember to replaced the wp-facebook in the upgrade.
    the app link is:

  6. Adding to a new profile tab is not supported. The profile box can be added to the “info and wall” tab or to the “boxes” tab, but not to a new tab. Maybe in 1.0

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