WordPress Avatar Plugin, Movable Type Action Stream Plugins

Finally got around to publishing out (see Code) some things I’ve been tinkering with. Nothing major, but hopefully someone will find some of them useful.

For WordPress, check out MBLA+, which is an avatar plugin (shows people’s avatars in comments) based on MBLA and hAvatar. I’ve been using it here and on Goatless for a while, and think I’ve got most of the kinks out, though it should still be considered beta at this point.

For Movable Type, check out Action Stream plugins for Amazon wishlists, Last.fm recent tracks, meetup profile, and a generic YourBlog template. I’ve been using these (with MTOS 4.1) over at JohnEckman.com.

I’m also working on a Twitter application using the API to turn a twitter account into a group. (All tweets by followers to a given account beginning with a specific preface get re-tweeted so that all other followers see them). Hope to have that done in time to be useful for VegSXSW (twitter).