Windows Mobile still confused about Daylight Savings

So in addition to the often recurring, never fully explained phenomenon whereby my Windows Mobile phone (a Samsung Blackjack) suddenly finds itself in the future (no, the phone has never been on the Lost island), the geniuses of the Windows Mobile platform have once again issued updates to “fix” Daylight Savings Time.

Thanks for the notice from the MobileViews Blog:

I thought this Daylight Savings issue was fixed in last year’s patch. Guess not. Here are the links for the CAB file download as well as the desktop (setup.msi) installer version.

Update for Windows Mobile for PC (KB949168) (SETUP.MSI)

Update for Windows Mobile for PC (KB949168) (WMDST2008-1.CAB)

FYI: I just installed the CAB file installer version on my Dash. It restarted my smartphone without even giving a warning that it was about to do so.

So now I have to go figure out which update I’m supposed to use, and apply it, or else my phone will be off by an hour for much of SXSW next week.

How soon will either an Adroid phone be released or the Nokia N810 line include cell connectivity, so I can use it as a phone – I’d buy one of those easily.