Google Maps for Windows Mobile Smartphone

Google’s maps application is now available for Windows Mobile Smartphone edition based phones, like my Cingular Blackjack (Samsung i607):

Google Maps Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition

The left soft-key is zoom out, clicking on the OK button in the center of the navigation pad zooms in.

You can have satellite view or map view, though hybrid doesn’t seem to be an option (may be dependent on level of zoom?).

Menu offers:

  1. Find Location
  2. Find Neaby Business…
  3. Directions…
  4. Change View (map/satellite)
  5. Show Traffic
  6. Track Location (GPS)
  7. Clear map
  8. Options
  9. Help
  10. Exit

Nice to have this and the Windows Live Search on the same phone – I’ll compare their results next time I’m looking for directions.


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