ODF Converter available for MS Word

Version 1.0 of the ODF translator for Word has been released.

32-Bit Windows only (NT, 2000, XP)

Per the announcement on the project’s SourceForge page:

It has been tested over Word XP, Word 2003 and Word 2007 in five different languages (English, Dutch, French, German and Polish) . . .

We’are also planning to work on Excel and Powerpoint and this should be availble by the end of the year (Novembre 2007), so stay tuned and keep on providing feedback as this will help us in future development!

This is actually quite helpful for me, since I dual boot between Kubuntu and Windows, and work in a mixed platform environment  – basically I use OpenOffice when in Linux and MS Office when in Windows – rather than having to install OpenOffice for Windows in addition to my OpenOffice for Linux, now I can more easily move back and forth.