So I’m trying to decide whether I’m finally ready to bring my phone into the 21st century. I have, and generally carry with me on trips, a cell phone (Nokia 6200), an iPod (4GB Nano, 1st generation), and a digital camera (Powershot SD200).

These three devices could be replaced with one – the new Samsung Blackjack, available from Cingular (my wireless carrier).

In the process, I’d get slightly less space for music (I could get a 2GB microSD card for the Blackjack, as opposed to 4GB in the iPod), fewer pixels in my camera shots (the BlackJack is a 1.3 Megapixel camera, the SD is a 3.2 Megapixel camera with zoom – but I’m not really taking advantage of that generally anyway).

But I’d also get mobile access to internet, email, and calendar (synched with desktop PIM), 3G-speed data access (UTMS), and bluetooth, which none of the old devices have.

In the process, of course, I’d also add more cost per month ($40?) for the data plan.

So, I guess in the end it comes down to whether or not it is worth it to be able to get email/calendar/internet while on the road – otherwise, I could just get a phone with music capabilities and a camera, without a data plan or internet access.

Given that I travel a fair amount these days, I’m definitely giving it serious thought – no more buying Wifi access in the airport, for example, though I don’t spend $40/mnth on that now.

I could also use the phone as a modem for my laptop, in areas where 3G networks are available.

Two jobs ago, I used to carry a CrackBerry, and definitely got used to it. But is that a good thing, or a capitulation to the always-on society?

Would my 2 hours a day on the train (when not traveling but commuting to work in Boston) be so much more productive?

Would my traveling (with many hours of waiting in airports) be more enjoyable?

Or do I need to that time for crossword puzzles and other non-work relaxation?

Also, can I deal with Windows Mobile 5.0? I haven’t seen a smartphone yet from a commercial carrier that’s running Linux, and so long as the Windows Media based player on this phone doesn’t *add* DRM to my files (Zune style) I don’t think I will mind.

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  1. I guess first I would point out that I am a huge windows mobile 5.0 fan. Exchange integration with direct push is great! But the all-in-one approach just doesn’t work for me. Here are two examples of why not. 1) Lawnmowers- have you ever seen a professional landscaping crew towing around a bunch of all-in-one garden tractors? No, because the commercial grade mowers cut better, faster and are more reliable than something designed to cut, rototill, tow, scoop and throw snow. 2) Printers – I could go on for hours about the crummy hardware and software that printer manufacturers provide to deliver all-in-one solutions to consumers and small businesses, but I’ll just leave it at, standard laser printers are more reliable and easier to use. My advise, spend the money on a commercial-grade mobile device (other than the crackberry, take a look at the HP iPAQ hw6920), order it with out the camera and buy a nice ultra-slim 5 mega pixel then upgrade your iPod to the latest Nano. Yes, it’ll cost you more but hey, you’re supposed to be a digital professional :)

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