YouTube Mobile on Cingular BlackJack

Thanks to, I finally have videos from streaming on my phone. Yes, I too can watch the skateboarding dog while riding the commuter rail.

Presumably this works with lots of other Windows Mobile based devices as well, but I’ve only tried it on my Cingular BlackJack (aka Samsung i607).

You have to copy some files to the Windows directory on the device (the HTC Streaming Media player and some codecs, I assume) and install two .cab files to associate the file types with launching the streaming player.

Just follow the directions found here: YouTube Streaming Mobile: A “How To” WM5/M6/SP

I found that at Step #1, I couldn’t copy all the files from the zip into the Windows directory on my device – had to leave out the .HTM and the Shortcut – but it doesn’t seem to have mattered.

One difficulty was finding a volume control – the app seems to assume you have a touchscreen, which I have not – but the up and down on the main control wheel / compass thingie work just fine for volume.

Another quirk – full screen mode requires rotating the phone 90 degrees. Guess they were thinking of landscape.


  1. 1) The option to disable the 90 degree tilt in fullscreen mode is in the options menu. Uncheck the “Switch to landscape mode in full screen” option, and your all set.

    2) Speaking of which, have no idea how to enable full screen mode of the streaming player on my Blackjack. Can anyone help me?

  2. Thanks Mario – unchecking that box does the trick.

    On my blackjack, once a video starts streaming, clicking the right soft-button (marked Menu) and choosing the “Full Screen” option works – before the video is actually buffered the option is dimmed out.

  3. The .htm and link file is not something that you should copy over anyway. They’re marked as hidden, read-only and system. You wouldn’t even see on your computer if you had hidden file viewing turned off. :)

  4. Hello,
    Listen. I have been wanting to get YouTube streaming live on my phone, and this site seemed to be a guaranteed way to do it. You have a link on this page that is supposed to give instructions on how to make it happen. The link doesn’t work. That’s a small problem for me… Is there an alternate site that has those instructions on there? This is the only page that seems… useful.

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