Yahoo! GO on Blackjack

Yahoo!’s mobile client, GO, is now available (beta) on the Samsung i607 aka Cingular Blackjack.

Go here to enter your mobile number, and they SMS you a link to download the CAB file.

Once you download and install the CAB file, at first launch it downloads a bunch of other stuff – perhaps it is keeping track of versions of specific apps?

It’s got a series of modules, many of which take advantage of your Yahoo! ID:

  • Flickr, including browsing your contact’s photos
  • Mail, assuming you use Yahoo Mail
  • Local and Maps
  • News
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Weather

It’s very nicely designed, once you get used to the Yahoo! purple, but I don’t see it replacing Google Maps on my phone any time soon. It does give a nice flickr interface and since you can set up news watchlists could be a good way to read mainstream news.