Windows Mobile From the Future

My Cingular BlackJack, which runs Windows Mobile, occasionally resets itself to dates in the future. Here’s a screenshot from this morning, which should be October of 2007, but thinks it is November of 2008:

Windows Mobile Future

Anyone else see this happening on their Windows Mobile device?

One theory is that I’m hitting a rogue cell tower somewhere in my commute which tells the device it is a later date. But I’ve got “auto update” of date/time disabled, and I’m pretty sure I’ve had this happen even while travelling in other cities and states, so it isn’t specific to one cell tower.

It causes all the event notifications to fire, since they are now overdue, and causes all kinds of other general weirdness, like emails coming from the future.

If only Windows Mobile were open source . . . Guess my next phone will be an OpenMoko.

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  1. my blackjack phone goes to the future all the time i just googled it to see if i was the only one… i guess not. i love it, regardless.

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