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Podcamp Boston 6

Made it in Saturday for the opening of Podcamp Boston 6. (After a few working weekends in a row, I couldn’t do two full days so I just came in for Saturday morning).

While I was only able to catch three sessions, each would have been worth the trip on it’s own. All three were led by dynamic, engaging, even charismatic presenters who clearly know their stuff and know the Podcamp audience.

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Podcamp Boston This Weekend

Podcamp Boston (6) is this weekend (Sept. 24th and 25th) at the Microsoft NERD center.

Here’s the schedule (which they haven’t yet published except as a google doc):

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Social Commerce Presentation from Magento Imagine Conference

I shared the slides from my social commerce talk at the Magento Imagine conference earlier, but now the video has been posted:

I’ve also taken the audio from that video and converted the SlideShares slides into a screencast, which syncing the audio to the slides:

It’s much more useful this way than just the slides were.

Real Curation Requires Effort, Point of View

Curator's Hand, by Marinmuseum, cc-by-nd,

Many of today’s popular deal-a-day sites claim to be creating “curated” experiences for their audiences. Many social media publishers focus on “curating” the stream of blog posts, tweets, and other content objects on specific topics. But what does that curation really mean? What’s the point of view behind the curator’s decisions about what to include and what not to include?

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The Difference Between You and a Media Company

(From ICanHazCheezburger)

Sounds a bit like a lead-in to a joke, doesn’t it? Like the difference between you and a media company is that you haven’t laid off half your staff, or the difference is that the media company has likeable characters, or . . .

Actually it’s a great blog post by Joe Pulizzi – The Difference Between You and a Media Company:

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