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SXSW Day Two – People-Powered Products

The last panel I saw on Sunday was “People-Powered Products.

It was moderated by Jason Levitt (Yahoo! Developer Network) and included:

Aside from the humorous bits (the bored balloon clown), it was interesting to see a discussion full of people whose products truly are people powered in the most basic sense. They are not communities which were built up on “professional” content and then opened – what a lot of large media companies are trying to do these days – but built “from a blank screen” out of unpaid user contributions.

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SXSW Day Two – Future of JavaScript

Aaron Gustafson (Easy Designs) and Andrew Dupont (Prototype core team) gave a  very developer focused, brief presentation on “The Future of JavaScript.”

It was crammed into one of the 25-minute sessions SXSW had in the afternoons (a 3:30-3:55 spot and a 4:05-4:30 spot each day) so the rapid-fire nature of it made good sense.

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SXSW Day Two – Learning (Web Design) From Las Vegas

Dan Saffer (Adaptive Path, No Ideas But in Things) presented Sunday afternoon under the title “Learning Interaction Design From Las Vegas.”

The slides are available from his blog.

As a big fan of Venturi, Brown, and Izenour’s Learning from Las Vegas, I was worried at first that the presentation would be either:

Neither of these worries was well founded. Saffer clearly is familiar with Venturi’s work (and the historical / social / cultural context in which it appeared, which helps underline its meaning), and he did walk through examples of how to apply Venturi et al’s “lessons” but did so in a way that avoided oversimplifying interaction design or architecture.

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SXSW Day Two – Non-Developers and Open Source Acolytes: Why Should I Care?

One of my favorite panels of the whole SXSW experience was “Non-Developers to Open Source Acolytes: Why Should I Care?

It was moderated by Elisa Camahort (BlogHer), and panelists were:

It was one of the few panels I saw which included spontaneous audience applause mid-panel, not just the polite applause at panel conclusion one is used to. (The others being Henry Jenkins and Dan Rather).

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SXSW Day Two – Using RSS For Marketing

Sunday morning, I start to recognize what people mean when they say the panels start too early. Looking at the schedule before coming, I couldn’t understand how 10am could seem early. (AjaxWorld, where I am as I write this, has panels starting at 7:30am).

The 10am panel was rather plainly titled “Using RSS for Marketing.”

It was moderated by Tom Markiewicz (EvolvePoint) and panelists included:

RSS for Marketing Session (Photo by Anton Olsen, Creative Commons attribute-non-commercial license)

That’s a pretty strong panel of folks with expertise in syndication and content distribution.

In addition to my notes below, Tom points to a set of other folks’ summaries.

My summary: