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Web Content 2008 Presentation

Wednesday was day two of Web Content 2008, and I presented in the afternoon on the rise of user-contributed content and community, and the impact that’s had on content management.

I had thought about calling it “From Content Management to Community Management” or maybe “Content Management is Dead” but ended up instead with: “Upload, Tag, Share, Discuss: Content Management in the Age of Participation.”

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Clay Shirky on Cognitive Surplus

You may have seen my link to a transcript of this talk if you follow my ma.gnolia feed or

Now (via LaughingSquid) you can watch the video. It’s Clay Shirky’s keynote at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco last week, on the “cognitive surplus” as a characteristic fueling mass collaboration.

Interestingly, this seems to break my facebook app. No longer resizes the iframe to the right size? Something is trying to call location.toString() and getting denied – my guess is that is trying to track where the video was embedded and facebook doesn’t allow apps inside iframes to access parent location.

You can see all the Web 2.0 Expo videos at or put this rss url into Miro and get a channel:

Fair Use in User Generated Content

The Center for Social Media at American University put out a report in January on the concept of “fair use” in user-generated content: “Recut, Reframe, Recycle: Quoting Copyrighted Material in User-Generated Video.

I bookmarked it at the time, downloaded a copy to my “to read” folder (a dangerous thing to have) and then ignored it for the last month or so. You should not do the same. This may be your only chance to explain away the hours you wasted watching dramatic chipmonk videos as “work-related.”

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User Led Innovation Report from Down Under

(via Smart Mobs) I came across this interesting report from Darren Sharp and Mandy Salomon at Smart Internet Technology CRC in Australia: “User-led Innovation: A New Framework for Co-creating Business and Social Value.” (PDF link).

The first half of the study results from qualitative interviews with “experts on the social, economic and legal aspects of user-led innovation”, specifically:

The second half of the study focuses on Second Life as a case study or example of the impact of user-led innovation in actual practice.

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Christina Norman, MTV keynote from Forrester Consumer Forum

Christina Norman, MTV – really excellent keynote. Dynamic, engaged – easy to see that MTV gets it. (Of course it isn’t just one person, but she represents well the variety of efforts they have underway).
Christina Norman at Forrester Consumer Forum 2007

At MTV, we’re pretty psched – being our fans BFF has always been important to us as a company.

It’s no accident MTV started as a cable channel – youth were most open to the potential of cable.

Together, we define what MTV is – it is the world’s largest brand gallery.

What we’ve learned: Four Guiding Truths that burn in all of us at MTV

  1. It’s not the medium, but the content that matters most.
  2. Build an emotional relationship with the users based on content they find compelling.
  3. Give your audience a place and mechanism to find each other.
  4. You have to let your audience help you shape your brand.

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