Web Content 2008 Presentation

Wednesday was day two of Web Content 2008, and I presented in the afternoon on the rise of user-contributed content and community, and the impact that’s had on content management.

I had thought about calling it “From Content Management to Community Management” or maybe “Content Management is Dead” but ended up instead with: “Upload, Tag, Share, Discuss: Content Management in the Age of Participation.”

Here are the slides – note that the last slide is full of credits for photos (creative commons via flickr) and links for sites referenced. Can be hard to see in small size so you’ll need to either full-screen it or download the file (which you can do at slideshare).

Seth had some nice things to say about the presentation: Web Content 2008 Notes.

So did Deane at Web Content 2008: Day Two.

Thanks Guys!

It was really a great conference: not heavily vendor driven, no “expo floor” you have to walk through to get to the food, small enough that you could actually mingle with and talk to the attendees. My only wish would have been to have spoken earlier, maybe even Tuesday am, so that people interested in my talk could have known who I was before the conference was basically over. I also would have come in to Chicago Monday night to catch more of the opening keynotes.