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I’m in Chicago today (and yesterday) for Web Content 2008. It’s a nice, smaller conference – about 150 attendees or so, with very strong content (as you might expect) and good opportunities to meet, talk to, and network with the speakers and other attendees. The focus this year is on “Web 2.0 and it’s impact on Web Communication” so there’s been lots of interesting discussion.

I got in late yesterday due to some flight issues, but managed to catch three good presentations.

First was Michael Silverman of Duo Consulting (who co-manage the conference along with The Content Wrangler). He spoke on the “new rules of marketing”:

Although this was, to be honest, a pretty well known story for me, Silverman’s presentation wraps it up nicely into some actionable rules. (It probably didn’t help that I’m reading Groundswell at the moment – review to come – and know most of the books and articles Silverman draws on pretty well).

Then I saw Darren Barefoot do “29 Web 2.0 Tools” session. No slides for this, just a highly interactive session. Barefoot put the names of 29 tools up on a clothesline, and basically let the audience drive the discussion, talking about each tool as it came up.

Darren Barefoot at Web Content 2008

It’s actually a very effective format – might have been good to have someone working with him who had an internet connection and projected the sites on the screen as he discussed them – wouldn’t want it to detract from or compete with the discussion but it would help the audience visualize. I don’t know if it si a good sign or makes me a new media douchebag, but I was familiar with all 29 tools.

Finally, Seth Gottlieb presented on the Open Source, Java-based CMS market:

Seth’s slides don’t really adequately cover the value in his talk – much of which is in the color commentary he offers live. If you haven’t already, you should check out his report as well.

I’m presenting later today – will post those slides here as well.

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