Open Source Content Management Webinar

Next week I’ll be participating in an interactive, panel discussion webinar sponsored by Optaros: “Ask the Experts Your Questions About Open Source Content Management Solutions.” It’s Tuesday, Sept. 19th, 1PM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT – 04:00).

Seth Gottlieb, who is organizing the panel and blogged about it here, lays out an interesting agenda:

We are not going to talk about products, functionality, market share, magic quadrants or any of those boring vendor or analyst presentation topics. Instead, we are going to talk about the benefits and implications of open source software in the content management industry. Here are the types of questions we will be discussing

  • Are there fundamental differences between open source and proprietary content management systems?
  • How should an open source content management solution be selected?
  • What types of organizations are best positioned to use open source software to solve their content management challenges?
  • What are the benefits and limitations of open source content management systems?

The folks who will be joining Seth and I are Matt Asay of Alfresco and Paul Everitt of ZEA Partners.

Of course, like any good interactive panel, the real success of this will depend on the audience, the questions, and the level of interaction we develop.

So go register, block it off in your calendar, and think of challenging questions about open source in the context of content management.