Lost your cellphone charger? Ask at the front desk


So last Wednesday night, while I was travelling on business, I realized that my cell phone battery was dying, and I wouldn’t be home until Friday.

Unfortunately, I’d left my charger (normally packed in my laptop bag) plugged in to my desk at work.

On a whim, I decided to try the front desk, to see if one of the employees might have a Nokia charger I could borrow for a few hours.

The front-desk-person (what’s the appropriate polite term for these folks today?) told me to come on down and look through “the box.”

Turns out not only did they have a Nokia charger, which she informed me I could either take with me or just leave in the room when I checked out, they had two large plastic bins fulls of chargers.

Today I found this lifehacker post (yes, I am behind in reading my rss feeds) recommending the same.

Is lifehacker following me around, or am I just having a snowflake epiphany – one of those moments where you realize that you are not nearly as unique as you thought?