Malcontents, Episode One: Web 2.0 and your CM Strategy

Updated 10/24/06

Thanks to Seth Gottlieb and Bryant Shea (not Shea Bryant), I participated in the first episode of the new CM Professionals podcast, Malcontents. The other guest was Riccardo La Rosa, who is at Molecular with Bryant.

The topic was essentially Web 2.0, and what impact it has (or should have) on your enterprise CM strategy.

The podcast doesn’t yet have it’s own page or feed link (I will post it when it does) but

You can look for episode one on the Malcontents page or you can find it in the breaking news section at the top of the CM Pros site, or grab the mp3 directly (30MB, 33 minutes).

Special bonus – my dogs make a brief appearance in the background at about 26 minutes in – you may have to turn it up a bit to really make them out but they’re barking up a storm – presumably the newspaper got delivered or the mailman came. It’s their first podcast too.