Social Bookmarking on the Corporate Intranet

I’ve been looking recently at a number of different approaches to social bookmarking in an intranet context.

There are a number of open source projects in the space, most notably scuttle (PHP), Connotea (Perl), and MarkaBoo (Ruby-on-Rails) (see a much more complete list at 3Spots).

In addition, there’s an interesting project underway at MITRE called Onomi. Originally based on Scuttle, it has been evolving over the last year and there are some good papers exploring the work they’ve published available online:

(Tips of the virtual blog hat to Seth and Bill Ives for pointers to Onomi and other relevant projects).

In addition, for Drupal users, there’s the userlink module for 4.7 from FunnyMonkey as well as the TagMark module (sponsored by for 5.0.

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