Slingshot – lightweight apollo?


Today Joyent announced the public release of Slingshot, a framework for (their words) obliterating the distinction between the web and the desktop.

Slingshot lets developers take Ruby-on-Rails applications and deploy them to desktops (Windows, Mac OS X).

Is it just me, or does the red rock in the slingshot graphic look a bit like the Adobe Apollo logo? Ok, so maybe not a direct version of the logo, but certain the Adobe Apollo red.

Is this a cheaper faster way to get to sent to the moon and back, or just another David vs. Goliath myth?

More on Slingshot, including a quick tour.


  1. Yeah, you’re right. It’s reaching to see Apollo red in that slingshot – it’s just a ruby.

    I do still think the resonance of David vs. Goliath is in play – the Apollo space program versus a kid with a slingshot . . .

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