Now, I want an iPhone

A few weeks ago, my blackjack suddenly decided to reboot itself, and in the process seems to have killed all the registry settings.

In Windows Mobile Terms, it’s like a self-induced frontal lobotomy. My phone no longer knows what applications are installed on it, doesn’t remember how to sync to our exchange server, etc.

After spending two hours last night battling the ActiveSync demons in order to connect my BlackJack to my laptop (in order to install the registry editor and certificate for our exchange server on it), uninstalling and resintalling bluetooth (twice!) in the process, and hacking registry settings to enable ActiveSync to work with our exchange server, I’m done.

Would an iPhone just work, or am I falling into the Apple hype?

Of course, what I really need is an OpenMoko. How long before I can run one of these on Cingular? Can I already?


  1. I can definitely understand your frustration over the problems with the phone (and its a wonder to my why so many WM users wonder why iPhone is proving to be so popular; iPhone users don’t have to deal with registry hacking to get a phone working the way they want…), but does the iPhone have the functionality to sync with an Exchange server?

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