More OSCON Goodness

The OSCON folks always do a great job of making available conference materials outside the conference experience – and this year is no exception.

First, check out the Presentation Materials page on the OSCON site. If you were attending, but couldn’t make every session you wanted to see (with 14 parallel tracks this is unavoidable) or if you were unable to attend, this page is the place to pick up slides and other materials.

(This being OSCON, some folks include code- but it is still mostly slides).

This year, the presentation materials page also includes video for some of the major talks – including James Larsson’s “Pimp My Garbage” – Leather Fetish Pong and all.

If you want just video, head to where you can get just the sessions that were videotaped.

Or, if you’re using Miro (and you should be), just search (it is one of the choices in the search drop-down at the bottom of the interface) for OSCON and then save those search results as a channel.