Forrester Consumer Forum 2007 Day 1

What people learned from day 1 of Forrester:

  • Don’t get caught up in the next shiny object: forcus on creating experiences for people
  • People ask how much control to give customers – but customers have already taken control and we’ll never get it back
  • Twitter (with friends)
  • Flickr

Christine Overby and Carrie Johnson at Forrester Consumer Forum 2007

Carrie Johnson and Christine Overby just finished the day 2 opening remarks, talking about things carried over from day one – Richard Edelman’s “Windy City Rules” and “Be It, Don’t Buy It” (see Jeremy Pepper’s notes); Christine Hefner on Playboy’s use of new media (myspace, Playboy U) and organizational change (as in, if you can’t change the organization you’re in, change organizations).

Next up Josh Bernoff keynote.