1. John – great question. I have the same question about Viagra, “member enlargements”, fake rolexs or any other “bacn” offers. Seriously, who buys this crap? I want to know!

  2. A lot of people do buy this kind of stuff. If they didn’t then SPAM wouldn’t be an issue.

    Blog comment spam is less about the sale though. It’s more about creating inbound links so that the actual “pitch” page can rank higher for these search terms. Any occasional sale generated from blog spam is just butter.

  3. Butter on spam? Bacn? Yuck.

    I suppose that enough blogs fail to suppress the spam comments that (as Matthew points out) the effect is achieved – more inbound links pointing to the drug pushers’ sites, more traffic which might someday result in a sale.

    I knew the day that Canter & Seigel spam came through Usenet we were at the beginning of the end . . .

  4. To be slightly more serious, you (and I and probably most other readers here) tend to view this in our context: coastal, educated, therapy is not something out of the norm, etc., so Xanax = prescription drug = Serious Business to be handled by Trained Professionals (and something you wouldn’t want to buy from an anonymous vendor where sugar pills would be one of the better results). If I step out of that context and see it as just another set of pills in a bottle, why not get it for cheap?

  5. Shouldn’t the spammer worry about relevancy and only spam you with content you are “relevant” for as a link source? Should I be worried if I get other spam than you John? ;)

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