Fluid – like Prism, but webkit based (Mac OS X only)

While watching James Walker talk about OpenID and user management in Drupal, I checked out his blog (and subscribed, on the basis of recent posts).

One of his recent posts was on Fluid: Desktop Web Apps.

If you’re a Mac user (right now this is Mac OS X 10.5 or greater app) and you rely on web based applications, you’ve got to check it out at fluidapp.com.

Dock with Fluid Icons

It’s webkit based, but otherwise like Prism or Adobe AIR in letting you create a desktop-app like presence for a web app – a single purpose embedded browser with a doc icon, notifications, and other OS level features.

It’s free (as in beer) but not open source (as in freedom).


  1. I played with this a few months back but found that it pointed out what a Greasemonkey addict I’ve become, especially with GMail/RTM “integration”

  2. Hey John, this is Todd, developer of Fluid. thanks for the shoutout!

    @Joe, you should checkout Fluid again. First, Fluid is compatible with GreaseKit. But more importantly, as of a couple of versions ago, the GreaseKit source code has been baked directly into Fluid itself… no plugins required or used. This means that Greasemonkey is native to Fluid. Look for mentions of “Userscripting” on the http://fluidapp.com website for details.


  3. Does Prism support notification count like Fluid does? I can’t make it work in Linux (Ubuntu) at work, and I don’t have windows to test it… Fluid in my mac at home does an excellent job, it’s like iphone push noticiations! Great when you use a lot of services (facebook, twitter, gmail, reader, etc).

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