Comment Fail

If you’ve tried to leave comments here recently, bless you, and I’m sorry.

First, the WP-OpenID plugin for one specific version (2.2.0) had a bug which ate comments containing double quotes, which means all comments with links in them. 2.2.1 fixes the problem.

Then, Luis Villa told me in email that the Captcha on my site was unusable. So I tried it, and he’s right.

A while back I installed a plugin for Mollom, which catches comments which are thought to be suspicious in one way or another, and then asks users to solve a captcha. Problem is that they were all unsolvable.

Or, rather, they were perfectly solvable, and I solved them – as I’m sure Luis had. But Mollom refuses to recognize my solutions. Maybe I really am a computer, and thus fail the Captcha.

Anyway, the point is, I’m not trying to make it difficult to comment on this blog, just trying to deal with spam. I’ve turned Mollom off again, and won’t re-enable it until I try it myself and see that it works.


  1. Update: Dires and the Mollom team are working with Plugin author Matthias Vandermaesen and have identified the conflict – they should have a fix soon.

    Still having some WP-OpenID plugin issues though – now it is adding backslash characters to posts – as though it is escaping the quotes – and also eating links.

    May have to disable that plugin for bit as well.

  2. Testing to see if the “quote” issue has been ‘fixed.’

    Also trying a link.

    Has this always thrown a javascript error in IE? I rarely see the blog in this browser.

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