It’s about time

Why isn’t this a feature of every modern email system?

Forgotten Attachment Detector
Forgotten Attachment Detector

(This is a feature on Gmail Labs, which you’ll find under the settings label in Gmail)

The use case is so simple. The user writes “Attached you’ll find” or “in the attached” or something like that – basically anywhere they use the word “attached” – if there is no attachment, ask the user if that’s ok.

The number of times you say “attached” and don’t mean to attach a file is presumably outweighed by the number of times you mean to attach a file but hit send before you attach it.

How can I get this in Apple Mail or (sigh of the reluctant user) Entourage to do this?


  1. That is nice. I imagine I would have seen that message many times had it been installed in Entourage or other email programs I’ve used over the years.

    BTW, I haven’t moved to Mail. I keep trying it, and I keep disliking it. I actually like Entourage, despite its massive user database sizes.

  2. I got pissed at this for false positives recently. Kept doing it to me. Then I realized I should have been attaching my resume to those application emails.

  3. There used to be a plugin to do JUST THIS for for 10.4. I haven’t found it again for 10.5 though, but it probably still exists.

  4. I believe Kmail has this feature. It scans the message for words like “attachment”. If it finds the word but there is no attachment, it will alert the user.

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