WPBook 1.5.2 released

I’ve just tagged and released version 1.5.2 of WPBook, which should be available for download by the time you read this.

In this version:

  • Plugin now checks for PHP 5 at activation, will not allow activation under PHP4
  • Checks for zero pages of which user is admin (avoid edge case exception)
  • Added link to installation instructions to permissions page
  • Added offline-access permission request (some users had not yet granted this permission)
  • Added “show errors” mode, which when enabled traps exceptions thrown by the Facebook client and shows them to the user

Not really a required upgrade, but it should help folks having trouble, and won’t cause trouble for others.

I will also now close comments on the existing 1.5 release blog post, as it is now out of date.

In general, I’d prefer not to use comments for troubleshooting anyway – please use the support forums for those kinds of items instead.



  1. I thought I had everything working and did a test using a test user. This user is a fan of my page and a friend. When my blog post streams, it updates both my wall and the page. So my test user sees two status changes, one is from my (his friend) and the other is from my page. Is this how it is supposed to work, because I would rather the wordpress post just go to the page and not post on my personal wall.

  2. Yes, that is the current behavior.

    I will add an option in the next point release to have WPBook publish to your personal wall AND pages, just your personal wall (no pages), or just the approved pages.

    It will still require your personal FB profile ID in order to track which pages it has permissions for, but it doesn’t have to post to your personal stream.

  3. John,

    Thanks for the powerful plug-in. I think I’ve almost got it working but am encountering a couple of issues.

    (1) I’m trying to get posts to appear in the wall of my client’s fan page, but not having much luck. Is there a way to get the Post title to appear on the wall?

    (2) I have links to each post (Recent Posts) appearing in a box in the left column for both the fan page and the profile. However, these links take me to a page with a linked title of my blog. Clicking on that generates a page with all posts from the blog. Is this how it’s suppose to behave?

    (3) Since posting the entire blog can actually have a negative effect on SEO, is there a way to just post an excerpt with a “read more” link? I think this would be a much desired feature.


  4. And one more…

    If a fan visits the page and clicks on the Recent Post box, they are presented with the “Allow Access?” alert, which states:

    Allowing XXXXXXXXX access will let it pull your profile information, photos, your friends’ info, and other content that it requires to work.

    Is there any way around this? I could see how it might scare someone away…

  5. It would be possible to make WPBook not require those permissions, but it would require significant rewrite of the commenting functionality which relies currently on access to the user’s name from their Facebook profile.

    I don’t think it scares folks away as all the Facebook apps I’ve ever seen require this.

  6. 1) Yes it is possible to get posts (titles and excerpts) to appear on fan pages.

    Please see the WordPress support forum for WPBook for more help.

    2) When permalinks result in the home page of the blog rather than the list generally means you have your callback url set incorrectly.

    Post in the WordPress support forum for WPBook with details (including your Facebook app url and your external blog url) and I’ll see if I can identify the issue.

    3) Since search engines can’t log in to your app in facebook there is no duplication. (A search engine spider can’t accept the facebook terms of service for your app and thus will not index that content).

  7. Thanks, John. Maybe I’m a bit confused. I was thinking that as long as the fanpage had the app to display the blog posts, a visitor wouldn’t need the app to see them on the fanpage wall. Am I missing something?

    I’ll post some specifics on the WP Support forum.

  8. Users won’t need to accept the app to see the excerpts that are posted to the fan page wall, but will need to accept the app to see the full version of the blog posts.

    The app pushes an excerpt up on to the fan page wall, but only an excerpt. To see the full posts users have to come to the app, which requires login.

    If you just want to direct folks to the posts, you may be better off using the built in Facebook Notes app and importing your feed, or checking out the WordPress plugin called WordBooker.

  9. My posts are showing up on Facebook (both the Wall and my News Feed) but without the images. I see the place holder for the image, but no image. Any ideas?

  10. Brad – what’s the url of your facebook app?

    Can you see what url the photo img src tag points to?

    Are you using any plugins related to images?

  11. hi.i got problem.. after i invite friend to join my app .. they got error when accept my invitation..
    something about uiserver.php ..any solution?

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