Using WPBook? List your blog here

Are you using the WPBook plugin to integrate your WordPress blog with Facebook?

Add a comment below with:

  1. Your blog’s name, and brief description
  2. Your WordPress Blog url, outside Facebook
  3. Your Facebook application url

This should help people see how the application works and also help you get exposure for your blog.

I’ll go first:

Open Parenthesis is my blog covering free and open source software, social computing, and the assembled web. It lives at and also at


  1. Thanks very much for developing and sharing the plugin. The support doc was excellent too.

    I must admit when I first looked at the settings and saw API key, I thought, forget it but am pleased I didn’t as the whole thing was quick and easy to do.

  2. Shaun – sorry, your comment was stuck in my spam filter (too many links repeated).

    Is there a Facebook app for the video blog (musictv) where I could take a look and see why videos aren’t showing up?

    What plugin(s) are you using to load the videos?

  3. my blog is at Fikra and my Facebook app. is at fikaraface

    sorry that I removed the WPBook Credit from Facebook; my blog and all its mirrors are blocked in Tunisia. I’m using your amazing plugin to make my content accessible for my Tunisian friends on Facebook. I don’t want our Internet police to figure out what ‘m doing in order to display my blog on Facebook.

    many thanks for you plugin.

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