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Microsoft RSS

What’s really behind Microsoft’s patent applications related to RSS?

Initial reports that Microsoft was trying to “patent RSS” turn out to be at best over-simplified.

At issue isn’t RSS itself, or an RSS reader, or feed publisher. What’s at issue is the way that RSS is handled in Vista, and in the combination of IE7 and Vista.

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This isn’t what I meant by social software

There’s an Internet Explorer plug-in from the folks at Weezu. It’s an interesting idea – trying to bring “social” activity to what is otherwise typically a solitary activity – using the web. I think it’s ultimately unsuccessful, for a few reasons I discuss below, but it will be interesting to see what other approaches might arise to the same scenario.

Basically, you install the plug-in in your copy of IE, and sign in to the Weezu servers. Then, while you browse the web, Weezu “watches” what urls you are visiting, and informs you when other Weezu users are looking at the same pages.

In other words, you can see which other Weezu users (those who also installed the plug-in and created a Weezu account) are viewing the same page you are.

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So I’m trying to decide whether I’m finally ready to bring my phone into the 21st century. I have, and generally carry with me on trips, a cell phone (Nokia 6200), an iPod (4GB Nano, 1st generation), and a digital camera (Powershot SD200).

These three devices could be replaced with one – the new Samsung Blackjack, available from Cingular (my wireless carrier).

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Legal Weak?

Sorry for the pun in the title – I couldn’t resist.

Earlier this week I came across an article from the UK-based site (and magazine?) Legal Week about legal issues and open source software: “Law In Business: Open Source of Confusion.

Yikes – it’s almost 2007, and the legal profession is still spreading FUD about open source?

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Open Source Year in Review (Webinar)

My colleague Dave Gynn recently hosted an Optaros webinar on “Ten Events and Trends That Shaped Open Source in 2006.”

I should really have posted the link to it before the event rather than after it, but better late than never.

You can download just the slides, or the whole webex recording with audio and synched slides.

I won’t recap the whole presentation here – it’s well worth reading / watching – but will point to his five predictions for 2007, which he goes in to more depth on in the presentation:

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