Open Source Year in Review (Webinar)

My colleague Dave Gynn recently hosted an Optaros webinar on “Ten Events and Trends That Shaped Open Source in 2006.”

I should really have posted the link to it before the event rather than after it, but better late than never.

You can download just the slides, or the whole webex recording with audio and synched slides.

I won’t recap the whole presentation here – it’s well worth reading / watching – but will point to his five predictions for 2007, which he goes in to more depth on in the presentation:

  1. Vista upgrade cycle [with Sharepoint 2007, Office 2007] will drive OSS evaluations
  2. CMS consolidation will accelerate as OSS rolls through
  3. Enterprises will be pushed through the OSS adoption lifecycle – Use, Choose, Prefer, Participate, Make
  4. Next Generation Internet applications will be driven by open source
  5. $100 laptop brings world-wide attention and millions of users

Of course every prediction is in part based on what’s already happening – I think the announcement that the Google Web Toolkit 1.3 version would be open source, which was made the same day as the webinar, is a sign that prediction 4 is well underway.